The local culture and traditions of such places must be respected by all the employees. Moreover, because KIKUHISA operates through multiple jurisdictions, some legal responsibilities of some countries may also apply to all employees of KIKUHISA. Even though some of the employees are not based in, or do not work in those countries. In particular, all KIKUHISA employees worldwide are subject to certain countries of KIKUHISA headquarters, including, for example, those which generally make it illegal to offer or give a bribe or improper payment or gift to an official (or candidate for office) outside the U.S., whether directly or through third parties, such as consultants or agents.

Business Ethics is the study of business policies & strategies. It considers the mission and vison of the company like what are the main goals or objectives. Also, it stimulates the plan to achieve the vision of the Company. The main objective to achieve the company’s mission & vision is the leadership ability to specific actions of particular ends.

Kikuhisa properly manages the relationship with their company’s environment. They wait to see the changes without attempting to predict its behavior. The company manages the impact of Internal & External environment changes. The company make the analysis on strategy & selection of appropriate method of identification of different factors of measuring the quality & affect. Also, we work on strategic framework which consider the Internal & External factors.  After that we implement the one appropriate strategy & evaluates the results.

Kikuhisa follows all the rules & regulations as per the norms of FINRA U.S.A. Kikuhisa works on the concept of Audit Management, where we resolve the problems & fix it before it harms the reputation of our Company. We work on Planning, Execution, Reporting & Corrections.

Kikuhisa always keeps in mind to fulfill all the essentials of Business Ethics, we always keep in mind to resolve all the unethical terms going in the organization. Being ethical regulates what’s ‘Right’ and what’s ‘Wrong’. It is very obvious that every company has unethical activities going on but we always try to find it as soon as possible & resolve it.

The unethical terms are always a scandal like child labor or bad working surrounding. The Business Ethics helps to maintain the standard of the company & also prevent it from these kinds of things going internally in the company.


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