“Kikuhisa”  Is An U.S. Government Authorized Body That Regulates U.S. Broker-Dealers To Protect the Everybody Can Securely In The Business.

We’re in Business to Improve Lives.

One of the few things any investor in America depends on is equal financial markets. “Kikuhisa” is an U.S. Government Authorized Body that regulates U.S. broker-dealers to protect everybody can securely in the business. By certifying that the broker-dealer industry works equally and accurately, ‘Kikuhisa’ is required by Congress to protect America’s investors. We monitor more than hundreds of brokers and evaluate billions of regular market events around the world.  To keep a keen eye on the latest market trends and provide significant support to investors, regulators, policymakers, and other stakeholders, we use ground-breaking AI and machine learning technologies.

Kikuhisa wants to become the world’s preferred stock trading company with quality assurance, safe and easy investments and secure payments. We are focusing to cover huge market for forex. We ensure that all the payments and investments will be done as per FINRA Norms. Kikuhisa helps people in learning how they can start investing in Forex Market. Also, you can start investing in our company from 20 Dollars as well. We welcome people who are keen interested in trading and looking forward to learn trading.



We have a team of experts who have knowledge Trading and Investing. They are professionally
trained in Stock Market. We have a pleasant environment for our employees who handle everything
in a professional manner. Our employees are very motivated towards their work that’s the reason
we get effective and efficient outcome.

We have a team of progressive employees that helps a company in better growth and long-term
stability of the company. We have flexible workplace in our company where employees are not stuck
on 9-5 working hours.

Our employees always look forward to innovate more and more ideas on which we work equally to
get skillful outcomes. This makes our company future at a great height.

We also look forward to follow all the rules and regulation of Homeland Security for any case of
Terrorism https://www.dhs.gov/ntas-widget.


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